Project Description


Banbury Gateway

“Banbury Gateway provideS a flagship shopping park suited to the site located at an important gateway into the market town of Banbury. The proposed buildings have been orientated in order to maximise their visibility from the M40 and the corresponding external layout has been developed to produce a clearly legible circulation route for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists with the proposed building facing onto central parking area.

The design is underpinned by the principles of sustainability, of all relevant types and all scales. The materials used within the proposals are the result of a thorough green assessment carried out to ensure a coherent and consistent level of sustainable continuity.

The landscape strategy seeks to visually integrate the development with its surroundings and provide an attractive environment for users and visitors to the scheme. The laminated timber framed canopy and associated A3 units of cafes and restaurants, provides a unique physical design element to Banbury Gateway.”

  • Floor Space: 285,000 sq.ft

  • Client: LXB Properties

  • Budget: +£20m

  • Location: Warwickshire