Project Description


Access Self Storage

Access Self Storage sought to develop a storage facility on the site of the old Express Dairy Depot for the purposes of servicing the immediate vicinity, and south of Hemel Hempstead. The commercial viability and progressive nature of the community has allowed this disused site to become useful once again, and Access have seized the opportunity to provide a much needed service to a modern “space” conscious lifestyle. For the venture to be financially viable the client needed to achieve approximately 100,000 sq.ft of gross internal floor area.

A glazed “lantern effect”, to serve as a beacon adorns the northeast corner, addressing the entrance and climbing the full height of the building. It shifts the massing and focal point toward the east and intentionally, toward the retail zone. The corner piece presents a hive of “transparent” activity, both for the purposes of honesty and security.

  • Floor Space: 100,000 sq.ft

  • Client: Access Self Storage

  • Budget: 3m

  • Region: London